Community Immersion

Starts 15. June 2022
Ends 15. July 2022

14:00 - 14:00

Tuscany, Italy

donation based

Live with Mevanya and the team!

For the first time in history we are opening our gates to everyone who feels called. 

We will gather for a monthlong community immersion in me&more, our new hub for a better wold, authentic relating and living out of truth and understanding.

Join our co-creative love hub, in which all of you is welcome. 

We will enter a natural flow of

  • community time
  • dynamic and still meditation
  • workouts and dances
  • consciousness classes
  • mindfulness practices
  • healing sessions
  • deep talks
  • pool time and forest walks
  • special gatherings
  • ceremonies and rituals
  • and much more .

Experience co-living from a space of truth.

Mevanya and most souls from the team will be present. Whoever from the team is not physically present will join us in energy from afar and possibly in ceremonies. We will plan our upcoming events, we will share, live and laugh together, cook delicious meals and fall in love with each and every moment of our existence over and over again.

Wherever someone feels called, every soul is invited to share their truth in form of simple workshops, moving practices, songs by the fire, dance journeys and much more. Whatever is you, is welcome and true. 


We do not have any schedule. We will have daily community activities such as early morning class, workshops, rituals and ceremonies, open sauna, pool time, forest walks and activities, yoga and meditation, sound circles and dances by the fire. 

However we do want to let life show us the way. Therefore we will enter the path of the absolute truth of the moment and allow ourselves to change our mind in the next moment. Every single soul on this journey is strongly invited to take part in our activities and to feel when they need some space and alone or couple time. There is no need to push anything or to feel obliged. Couples, group and time in solitude will arise naturally, most likely there will be a bit of all of that happening in different spaces at the same time. 

The consumption of alcohol, tobacco and any psychoactive substances is not welcome in Me&More. We do have a green light for cacao ceremonies. Otherwise we will use our bodies only to enter the pleasurable peaks of life.


Our community gathering takes place in the beautiful me&more venue in Italy. The Center will open its gates exclusively for our group and is located in the magical hills of Tuscany. We will be surrounded by nothing but lush green nature, dense forests and fairy walks.

Our stone built house offers big and cozy communal spaces with indoor and outdoor fire places, a private sauna for up to 14 people, a private pool, which is not heated 😉 and a stunning Yoga Sala with breathtaking views over the mountains.

Rooms are cozy and spacious, most of the rooms come with two to three single beds, some do have doubles. 

Bathrooms are bright and come with windows. 

The consumption of alcohol, tobacco and any psychoactive substances is not welcome in me&more. If your are not ready or willing to respect that, please don’t come. If you are unable to follow this request because you are struggling with addiction, please contact us before booking, so we can find a way to include you.



You are free to join us for the entire month. Together we will to live, breathe, grow and feel. If you would like to join for some days or weeks only, that would be fine. Please let us know when you are intending to arrive and to leave the venue.

The minimum contribution for any stay (from one week to four weeks) is 990€. We ask you to feel into what you can and want to give above this minimum. This will help with the organisational part, a broader food composition, ceremonies, cacao, the washing, fire wood and our general contribution for me&more.

In this donation included is accommodation in cozy quadruple, triple, double or single rooms as well as our nurturing food and drinks for the length of your stay. 

Let’s come together, let’s do some magic, let us be our magical selves!

A Couple's Fire

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