Conscious Zumba – Your Conscious Dance Workout

Starts 10. April 2022
Ends 17. April 2022

11:00 - 10:00

Tuscany, Italy

€ 445

Enter a weeklong intensive full of  movement, meditation, mindfulness classes and a lot of dance workout sessions that will blow you mind!

You’ve dreamt of a retreat not only for a better fitness and health but that is also a healing journey through body mind and soul?

It’s time to break free, into true bliss, honest empowerment and deep connection.

Find yourself in the journey with others. Heal your life with conscious Zumba!

But what does concious Zumba mean?

Conscious Zumba

Conscious Zumba combines the fields of workout, dance, conscious breath work and shamanic journeying in a unique practice of truth.

  • You will explore your physical body through different, soft, strong and challenging classes.
  • The energetic body will be part of many practices and will not only be addressed but explored individually, in pairs and as a group.
  • Mindfulness workshops, like spiritual storytelling, and other techniques for personal growth are added to the colourful, juicy pot of experiences,
  • and finally you will learn how to truly listen to your bodies’ wisdom – aka your shamanic self – to fully access your bliss body.

If all of these terms sounded like you have no idea what is coming, that’s fine. We will dive into the unknown together.

If you want to enter a deep joyful process in a small group, filled with body movement, sweat, burning, ecstatic dances and 100 small inner deaths, this is for you.

Reconnect with yourself and others and let go of some of your old patterns, join us for this truly unique journey in the magical hills of Tuscany!

Come back to yourself and find true connection and empowerment within yourself and others. Dance yourself into freedom bliss!

What To Expect

We will have three sessions a day.

  • Morning class
  • Intense workout, dance, Zumba or other body movement session
  • Conscious workshop, where you explore the depths of your being.

Open sauna, pool time as well as free time to walk, talk and explore will be part of the training.


The Training

We will work in- and outdoors, accompanied by nature’s wisdom. If the sun is too strong, we will use our secluded and covered yoga sala or our pool terrace. Both do come with breathtaking views.

We will work within all the five bodies on themes like:

  • Physical body – health, sensations, strength and connection – How present do I feel in my body, am I using or loving it and how do I truly heal and connect with and within this form of self. 
  • Energetic body/Aura – is there more than just my body? – Exploring energetic connection and information, expanding in self.
  • Mind and Emotional body – emotions, mindsets and triggers – How is my mind serving and how is it limiting me? A journey through the depths of hidden and obvious mindsets.
  • Archetypal body / Intuition – the gut feeling – How do I operate from the unknown and stay present and aware with what is to come. Explore primal trust in life and all there is.
  • Bliss body – A blissful journey though all and nothing, where everything is possible yet nothing really is.

This training can entail classical Zumba classes, most likely though it will bring new forms of conscious workouts into your life.

Practices are joyful and encourage every participant to truly feel, breath, process and be in all that they are.

Both physical and emotional challenges will be part of this process. In the end it is not about fixed labels and expectations but about the exploration of true self. In this Mevanya will choose from a variety of techniques, like bioenergetics, dance, breath and body work, movement, yoga and forms of meditation and many other. Not having a fixed schedule but feeling into the energy of the group in real time allows Mevanya and the team to bring fitting processes for every individual as well as the group.


A certain level of fitness is needed, but even more the openness and the will to find inner body strength and to redefine preset truths.

This is an intensive training that might entail both physical and psychological challenges. Therefore we need you to be fully aware and present.

We do not serve alcohol and ask you to not consume any during the retreat. Smoking and substance consumption (whether plant based or chemical) is usually not allowed for the period of the event. If this is an issue for you, please consult with the team when booking.

If there is a history of severe Trauma, please let Mevanya know when booking.

This training will be held in English!


The training will take place magical Tuscany (Italy). We will stay in a secluded venue in the midst of lush, beautiful nature and surrounded by mountains and woods.

We will have a pool and sauna for relaxation and recharge and our own chef, who will nurture and source us with fresh, healthy, well balanced, vegan and vegetarian food.

You will be accommodated in triple, double or single rooms (subject to surcharge and availability).

Single rooms are very limited and might be available on request.

Our meals are mostly vegetarian or vegan, freshly cooked, well balanced and prepared with love. Water and tea are included in the hosting package for the entire period of the training.


Early Bird Price: 445 € 

The regular price for the training is 695 € 

Hosting package: Accommodation, all meals, snacks and drinks are not included in the price above.

They are bookable in a hosting package and must be paid to the host directly. 

Package costs range from 65 to 110€ per night, depending on the accommodation you choose. 

Subject to availability options are 

bed in a 

-triple room (shared bath),meals and drinks, 65€/ night

-double room (shared bath), meals and drinks, 88€/night

-double room (private bath), meals and drinks, 96€/night

-single room (shared bath),meals and drinks, 110€/night

For students and low income individuals, please contact me for special financial support options or payment forms that do not include money flow.

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book now


Conscious Zumba (Deposit)



The price for the training is 695 EUR. Accommodation, all meals, snacks and drinks are not included in the price above. They are bookable as a separate hosting package and must be paid to the host directly.

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