Starts 10. September 2022
Ends 18. September 2022

16:00 - 16:00

Tuscany, Italy

2095 €

Join this sexual shamanic healing journey through the depths of lust, trust, and pleasure! 

‘I have an amazing sex life!’ Do you feel this sentence is true for you? And if so, what is sex for you? What does it mean for your relationships, where is it forbidden and hidden and where do yo live and love the sexual expression of being all that you are? 

Or do you feel, that this sentence above does not really represent you? Do you feel pressured, not enough, too much, numbed down or even traumatised and unfitting in the world of sex? How do you identify and is this identification of gender, sexual attraction and other boxes limiting or helpful in navigating truths?

In a world where most people understand their sexual being as a hidden, caged creature and pleasure is forbidden outside of our bedrooms, we send out a call for the reinvention of our sexual selves. 

Hidden drivers and false truths

As children, we learned very little about ourselves as free sexual beings. Most of us were playing with sexual energy at a very early stage in their life, and almost all of us remember, that even back then this had to be hidden and in the dark.

We learned, that…

  • our sexual self is something we do not show everyone
  • only certain things make us feel sexual
  • we should not be sexual unless we are in a certain setting
  • we had to identify with one gender
  • our sex is mainly for pleasure and reproduction
  • one should fit into society and its ideas of sexuality
  • we need to fake pleasure and to serve our partners

We experience so much pressure.We lie to ourselves and others and too often we interact way out of integrity and truth. Most of us experience trauma or severe pressure to perform until – in some cases – our bodies scream no. 

Recurring bladder infections, yeast infections, erectile dysfunction, heavy cramps and other things are just some indicators that there is something off in the way we love. Others do know that this sex life is not what they woud sign up for again, if they had a choice!


Our state but not our fate of being

Humanity seems to have long forgotten, the healing forces of pleasure and life force energy and ignores the depths of trauma in this field. 

We question our performance, book online courses and read books to improve ourselves. Still in hiding we try to finally find the deeper truth of sexual expression, the effortless lust and trust that we seem to have forgotten. 

And some of us have been asking ourselves: Is this all it is? Do I have to live this sex life until I die? Or is there more depth, more truth, less effort and no obligations?


What if I told you, that… 

  • there is a way to finally free yourself?
  • the way you love physically, energetically, emotionally, is the way you live life in business, family, friendships and all the other fields? 
  • integration and healing in one field brings healing in all the other fields? 
  • sex has only very little to do with intercourse but can be a way of living and loving life? 
  • you could feel orgasmic for hours without even being touched once?
  • less actually is more and that in there effortless bliss and your real orgasmic self are waiting for you.

Let us remember the magic that lies within our sexual energy!

The Training

In September 2022 we will come together, as one. We will go on a weeklong sexual shamanic journey.

You will have the opportunity to…

  • travel through hidden and non serving mindsets
  • integrate past and present experiences and their blockages
  • finally break free into a new sexual self
  • explore life through pleasure in all of your five bodies
  • heal from long forgotten trauma and
  • reinvent your sexual self as a free, innocent and intensively feeling being, in all that you are
  • say goodbye to performance, pressure, expectations and more, more, more.
  • forget what you think you know about yourself, your body and sexuality and
  • find a new way of loving, living and naturally expressing all that you are. 

In the subtlety of just being you will find orgasmic power arising from within. 

The tools

Boundary work, sexual energy work and free expression of self will build the essence of this intensive.

The tools provided in this training reach from shamanic wisdom, sexual self empowerment, trauma processing, western psychology findings as well as secret practices and everything from bioenergetics to tantra. 

Find out, what sexual energy can mean to you and how it can enrich every step in your life. Remember how to make love to the land and the stars. Learn how to be with yourself first in any encounter and then how to feel all of you in all of us. 

Are you ready to heal from the shame that binds you and the limitations from within? Do you want to shed your skin and arise in pleasure as free again? 

We will journey through the realms of sex, sexual expression of self and the healing forces of life force energy aka sexual energy. 

If your are ready to reconnect with the innocent truth of sex and the devilish forces of pleasure, this is for you. 

In case you feel everything but ready, this journey is even more for you!


ISTA Level II, a core training or therapeutic journey with Mevanya herself or someone from her team, or an equivalent path of growth. If you are new to this field you need a strong will to dive deep and let go. This is an intensive training that might entail both physical and psychological challenges. Therefore we need you to be fully aware and present. 

We do not serve alcohol and ask you to not consume any during the retreat. Smoking and substance consumption (whether plant based or chemical) is usually not allowed for the period of the event. If this is an issue for you, please consult with the team when booking.

 If there is a history of severe Trauma, please let Mevanya know when booking.

This training will be held in English!


This training will be held in a safe and small container, held and guided by Mevanya.

We will work within a gender free zone with binary qualities such as masculine and feminine, light and dark. This encourages you to allow yourself to be whatever is true in that very moment. And find ways to connect in truth, empowerment and wisdom.

Trauma work, dearmoring, deep tantric practices as well as sexual shamanic journeying will be part of this intensive. In this retreat, like in all of Mevanya’s retreats, we choose from a variety of techniques, practices, and knowledge. Some of those are working beyond the limits of the mind, the body, gender and ideas. Some are coming from the history of science. Mevanya and her team select workshops, rituals and ceremonies in real time according to the energy of the group. Therefore there won’t be a preset plan for the week. We will enter a self emergent path of deep truths, individually as well as as a group. Because of this the following schedule is for orientation only and will be adapted in real time to the process.

We will have two sessions a day and Temples, evening rituals, or ceremonies in the evening. You will have enough time to feel, be and process as well as to explore nature and yourself.

We will work within the themes of

Tantrame – Feel, breath and be in the realms of true connection

Dearmoring – Building bridges from the physical body to all the other bodies

Sex magic  A way to serve and receive beyond ideas. Be the priestess, the shrine, the sinner and the prayer

Sexual shamanic journeying Self empowerment through deep sexual practices

Love boundaries  How we untie the truth within us

From wild to mild – Riding waves of truth instead of performance

Embodying pleasure A unisexual way of pleasuring through life

Ecosexual love – Remember Mother Earth as a partner and lover 


The training will take place on a secluded 50 hectares private land the magical hills of Tuscany. Our  venue is located in the midst of lush, beautiful nature and surrounded by mountains and woods. Old trees, an original stone built house, a pool and a sauna and the most stunning view will be all ours. 

Held by this land’s wisdom, the sky and the earth guiding bus, we will explore the depths of our sexual being.

You will be accommodated in double rooms or in single rooms (subject to surcharge and availability).

Single rooms are very limited and might be available on request.

Our meals are mostly vegetarian or vegan, freshly cooked and prepared with love. Water and tea are included for the entire period of the training.



Early Bird: 1.886 €

The regular price for the training: 2.096 €

Rate is per person, in a shared comfortable and cozy bedroom and includes accommodation, all meals (vegan/vegetarian) and drinks. Not included are travel, air fare and additional costs as well as snacks and excursions.

Single room supplement: 380€ (subject to availability)

For students and low income individuals, or if you feel you have trouble affording the course, please contact me for special financial support options.

One apprentice position* +500€ (free of charge for the year of guidance-participants) might be available for the training. If you are interested, contact me via

*Be involved in the realms of space holding, build and share held rooms with Mevanya, feel and tune in into the vibration of truth. Single session feedback rounds, exploration and extraction of truths, insights about chosen techniques and ceremonial being. A deeper dive into Mevanya’s and into your own world. By application and for suited space holders (to be) only. 

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Sextasy (Deposit)



The price for the training is 2.096 EUR in a double room. A deposit of 695 EUR is required for booking. The remaining amount is due 30 days before the training.

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