Sound Healing Practitioner Course – Body, Breath & Sound

Starts 18. November 2022
Ends 10. December 2022

18.00 - 10.00

Valle Sagrado, Peru

from 4510 €

Three Shamans. Sound beyond words. Expression of truth. Life through energy. This shall be my being, This shall guide us through.

Join our deep dive into the art of Sound Healing in this three week Sound Healing Practitioner Course in the Valle Sagrado, Peru.

The singing waves, the rustling of the leaves, the gentle hum of the mother – Sound Healing is as old as our existence.

Back in the days, sound healing was practiced to help with a broad spectrum of disturbances in life. We are coming back into this ancient way of treating the five bodies, our soul and all of existence. We remember the sound of truth.

In Level 1 you learned how to connect with your inner self. You found the sound of truth, vibration of life and expression of self. But Sound Healing is also something that can not only transform your life but others’ lives as well. Sound Healing can be way more than connecting with one self. In Level 2 you will remember how to work in your extended body, how to consciously move energy through vibration and sound in yourself and in others.

How do I move energy with something simple as sound? How do I connect with another being through the vibration of truth? What is the secret in the calming hum of a mother? How can I not produce but move and be guided in these healing vibes of life? How can I guide and direct sound into disturbed fields to soothe the pain?

Sound Healing *  is used in cases of

  • Birth Traumata
  • Chronic Illnesses
  • Depression and Manic Episodes
  • Recurring or Persistent States of Mental and Emotional Difficulties or Overload
  • Anger Management
  • Vocal Cord Blockages, Operations and Knots
  • Herniated Discs
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Decreased or Absent Libido
  • Professional Obstacles to Success and Frustration in the Job
  • Burnout
  • Painful Orgasms
  • Disorders of the Hormonal Balance
  • Painful Periods… and more

* Holistic sound, breath and body work


This Course

For everyone, who feels the call to work with sound, to move energy through the vibrant and vivid odds of being, this course is for you.

In Level 1 we started with you and your truth.

Through this course, Level 2,  you will remember how to access your own natural sounds and its powers. You find new ways of expression and let go of scripted paths. Remember the simplicity of our complex being, reconnect in and with your intuition in sound. Work authentically, freely and jauntily in and with the extended body.

If you are experienced in sound healing, this might be very different from what you knew. Most schools and institutes start with and in the extended body, tuning forks, gongs, monochords, singing bowls and more. We believe that you need to go back to yourself first, find and work with your inner truth before working with others.

If you haven’t completed Level 1, you have the opportunity to add the course Sound Healing Level 1 in the cart when booking. You would arrive one week earlier, meals, drinks and accommodation as described for level 2 are included in the supplement for the course fee L1.

If you already are a practitioner and are keen to bring a truly holistic approach, view and practice into your being, please contact us via to apply for this Level 2 course.


Tools and techniques:

Different tools will be presented, experienced and reconnected with. A millennia-old mystical practice that will bring new life into your bodies, hearts and minds. Inherited trauma is addressed here as well as natural voice and energy movement, shamanic skills and wisdom and modern practice. This course’s completion qualifies you to practice Sound Healing. Sound Healing is a holistic way of being and interacting with truth. We do not have a fixed schedule, nor are we teaching life in numbness. ‘Body, Breath & Sound’ brings back your truth onto your path and into your practice. Ethical marketing is as well part of this course as truly authentic treatment far from scripts, ego and rules.

Mevanya will share a broad spectrum of self, of techniques, possibilities and ways from the western world, the ancient wisdom of indigenous tribes, where she origins from and learned to remember. Her passion for the modern world and her undoubtedly evident Descent make this training and all of her trainings uniquely authentic, true and vivid.

Bring your tuning forks, your didgeridoo, your drum or your guitar. But most importantly bring yourself, whoever at that time you are.

You will learn:

  • …how to deepen your own practice as well as how to work with individuals
  • You will find access to natural movement of sound for the sake of others.
  • You will be guided through the limits of self and the depth of connection.
  • …to stay centred while working in and with others’ energies and blockages.
  • …how to not rely on tools but find them as an extension of your natural bodies
  • …deep fusion with others yet stay safe when working with different energies.
  • You will dive deep into the truths of the moment to truly be able to work holistically.

This course is deep inner work. Before you can work with others you should have been working with yourself. Traps of projecting and assuming will be as well addresses as trauma awareness and healthy trauma navigation.

Holistic Sound Healing. Holistic being:

In this retreat, like in all of Mevanya’s Retreats, we choose from a variety of techniques, practices, and knowledge. Mevanya and her team select workshops, rituals and ceremonies in real time according to the energy of the room. Therefore there won’t be a preset plan for the week. We will enter a self emergent path of deep truths. Individually as as a group. This approach ensures the authenticity of your work and the greatest possible benefit for the group.

Find your inner truths in the midst of many others. Guide and be guided through the world of vibrations and sounds. Experience deep connection and true empowerment on the way back to you and therefore back to everyone else. We are all connected in breath, movement and sound. That’s where we meet, that’s where we are one. This is where we understand.

This Intensive builds level 2 of 3

“Sound Healing – Your inner Journey” is a prerequisite for this Sound Healing practitioner training “Body, Breath and Sound” as well as for level 3 “Body of Sound”.

Ancient Sound Healing

Sound healing through voices and vibrations as well as sounds of all kind have been used for healing since the beginning of humanity. A mother instinctively sings to her child. When we see puppies or children, the pitch, intonation and the volume of our voice suddenly changes. When we get stressed, we may start humming to calm ourselves down. Or our voice displays though sound how we feel. In the sounds we make, there’s nowhere to hide. Most of these subtle changes happen almost imperceptibly and uncontrollably.


The Retreat will be held by Mevanya herself and Yaku and Kuntur and will last 21 days. In case you decide to attend Level 1 as well, you will have a total of 28 days on site, meals and drinks included, accommodation as described for level 2.

Every day will be designed accordingly to the group’s energy. Deep processes are followed by integration pieces. You will work with and on others as well as with yourself. Two free days are part of the program and will be applied where needed. During the other days you will as well have time to explore, relax, go hiking and enjoy yourselves. On regular days we will have two to three workshops, pieces or activities, such as early morning class, forum, space holder class, regular sound healing workshops and seminar, hands on practices, breath work tutorial and experience, body work practices, authentic movement, evening ritual or ceremonies. Rituals ans Ceremonies are being held in nature or in a sheltered group room.


Our training takes place in the sacred valley of the Inkas in Peru – majestic mountains, a unique magical energy, old trees and the whispering wisdom of nature. Your destination will be Cuzco, from there a 90 minute transfer by car can be organised. Arriving at the venue you’ll see that a place of truth awaits you. Lush green old trees, the sound of your inner journey and the smell of Palo Santo. Dive into ancient cultures, wisdom and sound. Our venue was built with the use of natural and local materials and is reserved exclusively for us. You will enjoy the spacious, comfortable double rooms with private bathrooms, a breathtaking view and the truly unique energy of this sacred place. Yaku and Kuntur live here, they will welcome and guide us through long forgotten worlds and timeless wisdom.


Early Bird package rate 4510 €  (incl. 19% VAT) in a shared double room. 1 spot left)

Regular package rate € 5170  (incl. 19% VAT) in a shared double room.

Included in the package is: course tuition fee, certification process, accommodation in spacious, comfortable double rooms with private bathrooms , meals, herbal teas, water.

One assistant position is available for this course. If you have the feeling you would be a good fit and you’re interested, contact us via



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Sound Healing Practitioner Course – Body, Breath & Sound (Deposit)



Regular package rate € 5170 in a shared double room.

Included in the package is: course tuition fee, certification process, accommodation in spacious, comfortable double rooms with private bathrooms , meals, herbal teas, water.

We will get back to you with a booking confirmation and a link to pay the remaining amount as well as our bank details in case you would like to wire transfer. The remaining amount is due 60 days prior departure.


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