Sound Healing – Your Inner Journey

Starts 2. December 2021
Ends 9. December 2021

14:00 - 14:00


from 2150 €

Sounds, Words, Expression, Truth.

Most of us know the feeling of not being able to truly express themselves. How can I heal with my voice if I am not even able to express truths in my every day environment? What does it take to finally let sound move freely though me? Will I be too much in my authentic expression?

The singing waves, the rustling of the leaves, the gentle hum of the mother – Sound Healing is as old as our existence.

With every cell of our body we experience tones and vibrations, sound. But what happens in us when we work with our bodies vibrating in sounds of truth and nature? How can sound heal, give us new strength and bring us back to ourselves? Can I heal old wounds simply with sound? Can I work on trauma, heal my body and mind or even transform my whole being through sound?

We get to the bottom of all these questions in this one-week retreat on an Island in the middle of paradise, the Maldives.

White powder sand beaches, turquoise blue water. Dolphins and Turtles, birds and fishes chose this to be their home. During this special week they welcome us to share time, some space and the essence of being with them.

You will be guided into the art of sound healing. Through professional body and breath work, trauma work, authentic Shamanism and Tantra we return to the origin of all being. Experience the magic of Sound Healing! We will work with and through hidden blockages, surrender to life to find not only love for ourselves but for each other.

Ancient Sound Healing

Sound healing through voices and vibrations as well as sounds of all kind have been used for healing since the beginning of humanity. A mother instinctively sings to her child. When we see puppies or children, the pitch, intonation and the volume of our voice suddenly changes. When we get stressed, we may start humming to calm ourselves down. Or our voice displays though sound how we feel. In the sounds we make, there’s nowhere to hide. Most of these subtle changes happen almost imperceptibly and uncontrollably.

Our voice not only shows how we are feeling right now, it also reveals where we have blockages that we may not even be aware of.

Through this course you will remember how to access your own natural sounds and its powers. A millennia-old mystical practice that will bring new life into your bodies, hearts and minds. Inherited trauma is addressed here as well as voice and energy blockades of any kind.


Sound Healing* is used in cases of

  • Birth Traumata
  • Chronic Illnesses
  • Recurring or Persistent States of Mental and Emotional Overload
  • Anger Management
  • Vocal Cord Blockages, Operations and Knots
  • Herniated Discs
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Decreased or Absent Libido
  • Professional obstacles to success and frustration in the job
  • Burnout
  • Painful orgasms
  • Disorders of the Hormonal Balance
  • Painful Periods… and more

* Holistic sound, breath and body work




In this retreat, like in all of Mevanya’s Retreats, we choose from a variety of techniques, practices, and knowledge. Mevanya and her team select workshops, rituals and ceremonies in real time according to the energy of the room. Therefore there won’t be a preset plan for the week. We will enter a self emergent path of deep truths. Individually as as a group. This approach ensures the authenticity of your work and the greatest possible benefit for the group.

Find your inner truths in the midst of many others. Guide and be guided through the world of vibrations and sounds. Experience deep connection and true empowerment on the way back to you.

This Intensive builds level 1 of 3

“Sound Healing – Your inner Journey” is a prerequisite for the Sound Healing practitioner course “Body, Breath and Sound” and “Body of Sound”.


The Retreat consists of eight days and seven nights. If you would like to stay longer, you can book up to three additional nights for a reduced rate of 105€/person and night in a double room.

We do not have a fixed schedule but feel into the group’s process and truth in real time. Accordingly to this we will choose free time, workshop times and themes. The following information is just to give you an idea of the structure.

Day 1

Arrive, get settled and give your bodies and soul some time to acclimate. We see and feel each other for the first time during the info meeting in the afternoon, opening Ceremony in the evening.

Day 2, 3 & 4

The following three days will be days filled with single-, couple- and group work. We will rise together with the sun during our silent morning class. On most days you will enjoy some free time after breakfast to sunbath, enjoy nature, snorkel or scuba dive. We will have two sessions/workshops later in the day and finally enjoy our free evenings. 

Day 5

day off! Optional participation in our group excursion (1/2 day).

Day 6 & 7

will be training days again with a closing ceremony in the evening of  day 7. Day 8 will be your departure day if you do not wish to stay a little longer in this truly unique paradise. Additional nights are subject to availability and start at 105€ per night excluding meals.


Our training takes place on a breathtaking local island in the Maldives – crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and old trees. Your destination will be Malé, from there a transfer by plane is organized and already paid for. Arriving at the venue you’ll see that a true paradise awaits you. Lush green old trees have been preserved and form an impressive contrast to the white, powdery sand and the turquoise-blue water behind. Our event space was built with the use of natural and local materials. You will enjoy the spacious, comfortable double rooms, the hotel’s private beach and a beautiful house reef, in which we were able to spot rays during our last stay.

Half board (breakfast and dinner) is already included. If you want to expand to full board on site, you can do this on a daily basis or for the entire period. Also because of the climate, we recommend that you get an idea of ​​how you feel during the day, before booking lunch.


I am writing this text sitting on the white beaches of our venue in the Maldives in April 2021. Entry is therefore easily feasible, even while almost all other countries react with hard lockdowns. We haven’t had a single case here in the month we were here, I also didn’t hear about cases before. The staff is vaccined, measurements to secure our health and safety were taken. A negative PCR test is currently required for entry. We are on a local inhabited island 40 minutes from the capital. If needed, we do have doctors on the island as well as small local shops. To be on the safe side, we recommend travel insurance for unforeseen events, which will also apply in the event of quarantine, interruption of vacation or illness before departure.