A deep psycho-dynamic tantric dive into you and your truth

Do you love your life and yet you are struggling here and there? What are the dynamics behind my actions, feelings and relationships. Who do I want to be and who am I? What lies within my feelings? How do I master emotions and live them fully and in color at the same time? What is hidden in my blind spot?

Based on the YoG (Year of Guidance) and thanks to the virus you have the unique opportunity to dive with me into the depths of being. You will be working with me for one month within a group of like-minded beings. Personal development, tantra, somatic work, rituals, mindfulness exercises, private coaching and a rich group process will bring you a little big step further to yourself.

Are you ready not only to let yourself go, but to actively jump into liberation and truth? Are you ready to see and be seen in your shadows? Are you ready to bring light into the darkness.

What do we work with?

As always, the content is based on you as an individual and the dynamics that emerge from the group.

The group will meet once per week (via zoom) to work with Mevanua. In addition we will connect in a private fb group as a place for support, exchange and growth. In the Month of Guidance you will work in a closed container. This allows you to go deep and have a profound group exchange.

The group size is limited to 6 to 8 people, so that everyone can immerse themselves in a deep, guided process and have the opportunity to be heard.

There is a morning and an evening group to allow people from all over the world to connect at a time that works for them. Please let me know for which one you would like to register.

The next group will start on July 6, 2020.

The energy exchange for this one-month training is € 120 (instead of € 199) due to and only during the restrictions of COVID-19. You will also have the opportunity to work the Mevanya team in additional private sessions (reduced rate).

Program content:

– 4 zoom meetings

– private group on fb with shares, guidance, exchange, support

– Live workshops

– Private sessions with me on request (topics: trauma, desires, deepening the understanding of self and the process)

– a lot of joy and depth


In light, shadow and love


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