Become the non certified YOU.

Many of us have been there. Collecting certifications, running after qualifications, completing one course after the other, believing this is who I want to be, this is going to be me. You feel tired to separate your work from your private life? You fell the call to transform your own and maybe even the life of others? What if there was a way to truly be who you really are? What if you were extraordinary, capable and magical just the way you entered this world? What if you could go back to the true you, live in joy, love and abundance simply by just being. What if you don’t need a title, certificate oder qualifications to be interesting, fulfilled, respected and successful?

How much do you trust life? Can you dare to just be you? Can you believe and trust that you are enough?

How far did you get with all your certificates and trainings? Come back into you, find your full strength, lust and power and be who you really are. Find your truth but even more importantly, live according to it in each and every moment of your life. Love the being you are with its ever changing views, emotions, choices and states. Find the inner core and stay open and loving in all you are. 

Who do you want to be in one year?

Join your transformational journey back to yourself, back into a true and fulfilled life back into wisdom and truth. This is not a training or certification process, but your very own life. You will be guided through your deepest hidden shadows, your dreams, mindsets, ideas, stories and your thresholds. A deep transformative journey through all you are to reach true freedom in synergy.

During this apprenticeship you will face your own trauma, find working ways of moving through emotions, flashbacks, deep trauma as trauma response. You will work with the Mevanya team and Mevanya herself on topics like holding space, inner balance, radical honesty, conscious business models & leadership,  sustainable development solution and authentic currency flow, supervision and support as well as inner apology and authority, inner and outer conflict management, self worth and personal empowerment, interrelations of fear and desire, trauma and trust.

Part of the year of guidance is transformational trauma processing (TTP). TTP was invented by Mevanya, during her therapeutic work with victims of sexual abuse and their offenders. This until then uncommon method of working on and with both sides at the very moment was intense and challenging for both parties. Conventional tools and methods felt insufficient to Mevanya, so she invented new tools for moving in this space. TTP is the outcome of her longstanding presence and practice in the field of trauma work and therapy. By working with TTP, you move with and through your own traumas. You will redefine your believe system, mindset, revisit your relation settings, emotions and the ability to trust. Being fully integrated in all your five bodies, you will become present, aware and stable in who you really are.

The year of guidance is divided into 4 parallel modules:

Module One is composed of biweekly sessions (calls) with Mevanya. This is the time to discuss your inner process & progress and receive insights, tips and tricks and check in on your individual assignments and challenges.

Module Two is the journey within the journey and requires the attendance of 3 group work intensives during the year. As an apprentice you have the opportunity to dive into a deeper process on both the participants and facilitator site and receive on site guidance from Mevanya.

Module Three is holding space as a guided apprentice as a core learning experience of organising workshops, events and retreats. Being involved in all aspects of  transformational and experiential group facilitation, you receive essential transmissions for your own practice with each group serving as your mirror.

Module Four is a shamanic wisdom journey, composed in a dedicated retreat. Here you can discover, experience and co-create shamanic wisdom and rituals.  Awake and advance your inner shaman and fully open the portals to everything there is.


The energy exchange for the one year of guidance program is 6400 € or alternatively 534 € monthly. An equivalent service as a from of payment may be agreed upon through an individual agreement.


By application only.

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