Re-parenting – The Bliss Journey

Starts 3. June 2023
Ends 13. June 2023

14:00 - 12:00

Tuscany, Italy

2412 €

In a world where everybody needs to be strong and successful, we often forget how it feels to let go, to be seen and to take our true needs and desires into consideration before acting. love, support, trust, vulnerability and innocent lust. What do you feel when you read those words? Do you miss any of them in your life? Do you feel seen and loved in all that you are? Do you feel supported no matter what? Do you truly love all of yourself? Do you trust you’re being taken care of, even when you fall? And do you feel free like a bird or are you wandering around with broken wings?

When we grow up, we often experience our needs and desires not met. Our parents or care givers gave us everything they were able to give in that moment, yet  often this was not exactly what we feel we would have needed. Re-parenting aims to work on that. However often the provided tools don’t feel sufficient. How do I repair relationships that seem to be so broken or even lost? How do connect in truth and lust? How do I fly with broken wings?

We will play, explore, heal and trust. Special techniques and rituals will guide you on your path back to yourself. In this paradigm shifting training the past will be healed, patterns rewired and ancient wisdom remembered. Sound, sacred sexuality, shamanic wisdom and re-wired truths will be experienced and explored. We are all one, we just tend to forget sometimes. Together we remember who we have always been. Join this truly transformational process to ultimately live whoever you want to be.

This intensive training is for you to finally come home to yourself.


During this 10-day Intensive, we will enter the field of childhood & adulthood, the ways we connect and the truths we fear. We will explore the not always so easy past and the joy of unlimited love. Meet your inner child, heal your past and present relationships and how you bond in this unique setting.

Commonly associated with re-parenting are family constellations, transactional analysis, inner child dialogue and extensive therapy sessions often related to behavioural therapy. Re-parenting is taking a completely different shape in this training. Would you like to embrace all that you are, integrate what feels unbearable and bring softness and kindness into your inner critic? In this truly holistic training you will work with a lot of tools, including sacred sexuality. You will gain a new approach towards a fully integrated self. Connect with your hidden drivers and become  empowered through finally embracing all the choices you have. Love and be loved, see and be seen in all that you are. You inherited a lot of trauma, but also a ton of trust, lust and playful energy. Stand up and choose for yourself who you would like to be.

Maybe you have done a ton of work with your inner child but you never feel it’s really dealt with. Maybe you haven’t been working with your hidden themes but you do know theres a lot to integrate. Maybe you are someone who works with other souls in family constellations, therapy or elsewhere, but you feel this is not quite it? Something is missing. In this training you experience the tools that are not written in books. We explore the hidden parts, shadows and truths in this 10 day Intensive.

The training

On this journey  you will not only meet yourself but others in the hidden dynamics of life. We shed, unfold and rise again. With exploring your shadow parts there comes a huge amount of truth, joy, lust and unconditional trust. We embody long forgotten feelings, open up to ourselves and others and will be met in truly unconditional love and support. An opportunity to reinvent ways of interacting, of thinking and of being. It’s time to rewire, get empowered and stand up for yourselves!  Finally trust life and live love.

We will enter our natural state of authenticity, vulnerability and peaceful strength, where no-one needs to win a fight.  Come a little closer, because in you, I see me.

This course is an essential foundation for your business and private life, family and partnership and empowers you to independently extend and strengthen your heart, consciousness and soul.


3 years of having your own practice as a space holder, ISTA Level II, a core training or therapeutic journey with Mevanya herself or someone from her team, or an equivalent path of growth. If you are new to this field you need a strong will to dive deep and let go.

If you are a facilitator wanting to reach the next level, this training is for you. You can also use this training for your personal growth, we open the training to everyone, who wants to jump. Come with a partner or alone, come with a friend or a family member. You are welcome with all that you are, let yourself be seen and loved.

We do not serve alcohol and ask you to not consume any during the retreat. Smoking and substance consumption (wether plant based or chemical) is usually not allowed for the period of the event. If this is an issue for you, please consult with the team when booking.

This is an intensive training that might entail both physical and psychological challenges. Therefore we need you to be fully aware and present. If there is a history of severe Trauma, please let Mevanya know when booking.


In this retreat, like in all of Mevanya’s Retreats, we choose from a variety of techniques, practices, and knowledge. Some of those are working beyond the limits of the mind, the body, gender and ideas, some are coming from the history of science. Mevanya and her team select workshops, rituals and ceremonies in real time according to the energy of the group. Therefore there won’t be a preset plan for the week. We will enter a self emergent path of deep truths, individually as well as as a group. Because of this the following schedule is for orientation only and will be adapted in real time to the process.


DAY1 – Arriving – Info and opening, allowing your bodies to arrive and open up

DAY2 – You, you, you, me, me, me – Blame, guilt and shame, how we take on what we experienced, let go, feel me, be free

DAY3 – The trunk is broken – Who am I – childhood Traumata and the connection to today’s broken truths 

DAY4 – Parent me! – Coming home into my arms, re-wiring, re-defining expectations and needs, healing within

DAY5 – Ho’oponopono – I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me! The path of integrated truths

DAY6 – De-armour me – Deep practices for an integrated, loved and accepted self

DAY7 – Fear & desire – The connection of making love and making business

DAY8 – Ecstasy bliss – Blockages and Tantra – embracing all of me

DAY9 – Celebration of life – A sexual shamanic way of celebrating what is and closing what was

DAY10 – Wings flying high – feeling & saying ‘Goodbye’

We will have two sessions a day, an additional early morning class on some days and evening rituals, temples or ceremonies on other days. Usually there’s an open sauna twice, a campfire and a sound circle by the pool included in the retreat.


The training will take place magical Tuscany (Italy). We will stay in a secluded venue in the midst of lush, beautiful nature and surrounded by mountains and woods. You will be accommodated in double rooms or in single rooms (subject to surcharge and availability).

Single rooms are very limited and might be available on request.

Our meals are mostly vegetarian or vegan, freshly cooked and prepared with love. Water and tea are included for the entire period of the training.

We will accept a maximum number of 9 participants.


Early Bird: 2.186 €

The regular price for the training: 2.412 €

Rate is per person, in a shared comfortable and cozy bedroom and includes accommodation, all meals (vegan/vegetarian) and drinks. Not included are travel, air fare and additional costs as well as snacks and excursions. A limited number of single rooms are available with a supplement (subject to availability).

For students and low income individuals, or if you feel you have trouble affording the course, please contact me for special financial support options.

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