Tantric Women

Starts 5. September 2024
Ends 9. September 2024

14:00 - 10:00

Tuscany, Italy

780 €

‘Tantra is not about sex but about that version of myself which embraces all of my being. When I hug a tree and embrace everything I sense, everything I feel, this is tantric.’ -Mevanya

Join our 5 day celebration of truth,connection and unconditional love in womanhood

Program pillars:

  • Sisterhood – because we used to have each others back, let’s come back into this energy of trust, joy and connection
  • Motherhood – in any form, whether it’s business, children or other
  • The circle of being – life and death, masculine and feminine as an energy that each and every one of us holds
  • Womb wisdom – you inner space holder is wise, find wisdom and knowledge in the connection with other women and yourself
  • Cyclic being – the moon, my cycle and blood, rituals, information and workshops around being a woman

We will dance, share, laugh and grow together. Joyfully connected to others on a path alike. Co-creating your very own, magical wisdom journey.


The festival takes place in a spiritual center, called me&more

It is located in the lush hills of Tuscany, secluded in the woods under a breathtaking night sky and with wonderful sunset views and lots of terraces.


Our chefs will nurture and source us with fresh, healthy and well-balanced food. Our meals are mostly vegan with some vegetarian options and prepared with love. Water and tea are included in the hosting package for the entire period of the gathering.


Tantric Women September 1-5

Shared cozy, and comfortable room

– includes bedding and towels –

Price: 780 €

780,00 inc. VAT (MwSt.)Add to cart

Camping spot amongst the Tuscan trees

– bring your own camping gear –

Price: 560 €

560,00 inc. VAT (MwSt.)Add to cart

Included in the ticket:

  •  rituals, ceremonies and workshops
  • accommodation as booked
  • soul food – please inform us about intolerances when booking
  • drinks and brews from the land
  • shuttle from Poppi to the venue and back

Not included in the ticket price:

  • travel and air fare
  • additional sessions booked individually

If you have monetary difficulties to afford your spot but feel that this event is true for you, contact us at stay@meandmore.org




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