A Teacher’s Teacher Training

Starts 7. January 2024
Ends 23. January 2024

14:00 - 12:00


3329 €

This course is exclusively for practitioners  and facilitators that have been practicing for some time.

Are you asking yourself how to teach and be free at the same time? Do you feel tired of travelling and looking for new resources to be more present and relaxed in your classes? Do you find yourself suffering from holding space for others?  This course brings you back to your core.

The thin line between your needs and your groups’ needs:

How do I fully give myself into facilitation and at the same time stay tuned within myself without causing a constant need to recharge.

Can I handle requests and social media without getting myself lost in five posts per day or all time availability and alertness.

How does this not feel like a job?

Do you find yourself secretly thinking about how to make more money in less time? Do you see your partner as often as you’d like to? Does your facilitation take parts of your social life? Are you absolutely happy with the way things are at the moment? Or are you longing to finally having a week off to just relax? And sometimes you find yourself wondering when you would be able to just breathe and be, without having to hold space for others? Then this course is for you.

I am not your teacher and I don’t want you to follow me. Find your own path and sacred truth through coming back to your essence.

This is unlike other courses, where you’d decide how deep you want to go. This course asks you to show up 100% true to yourself. Stop spiritual bypassing, stop telling yourself stories! We dive deep into the field of facilitation with ease, strength  and quality.  You will learn how to hold YOUR balance in every workshop. Stay in your core in every retreat, festival or better said, in your everyday life, that is called facilitating.

What to expect

  • nothing


You will most likely be and work on

  • going deep until you reach your core
  • letting go of old and new stories
  • finding your truth
  • not liking it
  • and loving it
  • deep training in smooth, nurturing, lush and beautiful surroundings
  • comfy beds, great service, a lot of surprises


This training is by application only.

If you’re ready for this, it doesn’t matter where it takes place.

More details will be shared with confirmed participants.



The price for this 16 day training is 3.329 € including accommodation, meals and drinks.

No tuition fee charge  for YoG participants but costs for accommodation and food is on them.



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