23 days

Mevanya’s first living in program in different locations around the world. For those who want to go deeper and change their lives.

23 days:

23 days is mevanya’s first living in program. During 23 days you will live, work and be with mevanya. Accommodated in a single room with everything you need, surrounded by nature, calm nights and open days, you will enter a path of truth and integration, reflexion and flow. Two private sessions per week build the main pillars of this experience. mevanya herself will work with you, additional sessions with mevanya or the Mevanya team are offered during the week.

The two private sessions serve deep processes, like trauma integration, conscious business modelling and integration of hidden drivers A deep initiation for removing blockages and limitations to finally flow freely in all of your being.

The open days in between the sessions are dedicated to flow of truth, reflexion, art classes, sound healing, body work and much more, accordingly to your needs and type of process you are in. Help gardening, go on short walks or long hikes, enjoy yourself and nature, your being and body to the fullest. Whether you’d decide to stay awake, to see the night sky, to learn how to cook delicious vegan meals, become a baker or to make wood, or if you just need the time to quietly process in writing, using your hands, painting or just floating in the pool, this retreat offers all options and gives you the freedom to finally just be.

mevanya will dedicate her time and wisdom to softly give you guidance and check ins where needs, and will share her view on what would be fitting to move forward  accordingly to your process. Of course you’d decide where to go since you are the creator of your life.

23 days is part of and can be booked with the Voyage

Depending on the location, additional free and open classes could be from the fields of:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Holistic healing
  • Body work
  • Breath work
  • Sound healing
  • Tantric wisdom
  • Gong baths
  • Shamanic journeys
  • Inner dance
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Radical theatre
  • Cooking in community
  • Lectures on plant wisdom and its brews
  • Shamanic midwifery
  • conscious parenting

… and much more

Classes differ from week to week accordingly to the energy in the house. All group and community sessions, workshops and rituals are free of charge for guests of the 23 days program. Except for the two sessions per week, no other session is planned to be mandatory. You are free to just be or explore the beautiful area around our houses.

The spaces:

For now 23days is offered on me&more,Italy and in the Sound Healing House, Italy. Other places like a secluded island in Madagascar, or the program on the Maldives and in the Valle Sagrado, Peru are available upon request and come with a surcharge. Additional other preferred places are bookable upon availability and Mevanya’s ability and willingness to travel and stay there.

Accommodation in single rooms, nurturing food, hot and cold drinks as well as all side costs, pick up from the closest station or a free of charge parking space, sessions, check ins and guidance are included in the 23 days program.

Not included are excursions, tip, travel and air fare.


4500€ 23 days Italy

4800€ 23 days Sound Healing House (including all Sound Healing House events)

On request:

starting at….

…6000€ 23 days Peru

 …5600€ 23 days Madagascar

 …8100€ 23 days Maldives

Additional other preferred places are bookable upon availability and mevanya’s ability and willingness to travel and stay there.

Inquire and book here: mail@mevanya.com

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