After the Year of Guidance, apprenticeship, conscious holidays, shamanic midwifery and mevanya’s supervision, here comes a truly new, free and unique program, for those who feel the call!

Enter a year full of possibilities, a path back to yourself, into abundance and truth. Walk the pathways of your life once more to finally truly and holistically arrive within yourself. Combine honest and authentic business with healing in your private life and a new bright future awaiting you. A future in which you would not only embrace the light but embody the dark in ease. What if being was enough? What if everything you needed has already been in you, like success, joy, freedom and peace?

Enter this yearlong to become all of it. And follow so many others, that found their truth in the work with mevanya.

The Voyage

  • stretches over 12 to 18 months, accordingly to your needs.
  • is the boldest step you will have taken so far. It will bring you to the edge, you will think about quitting and maybe curse yourself and others here and there. And you will find it will become the greatest decision you will have ever taken, because this year is simply saying yes to yourself in all of your existence.
  • is not about learning something or being a certain way. This program reaches beyond any plan you or us could have. The Voyage finally opens the gates to blissful love, lush business and true connections. And do not expect us to hand out some papers and say that this is the solution. shamanically guided you would do the work, because there is no-one who can live your life for you!
  • begins wherever you stand, whether a hard working executive, a single parent or a young dreamer, we will meet wherever you are. From there you’ll travel via different pillars through your own life with its treasures, dark spots and limitations to finally breathe again.

Let go of excuses like time, money and other strings, say yes and jump…

…if your’e ready!

I am ready:

During the Voyage you will face your own drama, your mindsets and your stories. You will find working ways of moving through emotions, flashbacks, deep trauma as trauma response. You will work with the mevanya team and mevanya herself on topics like holding space, inner balance, radical honesty, conscious business models & leadership,  sustainable development solution and authentic currency flow, supervision and support as well as inner apology and authority, inner and outer conflict management, self worth and personal empowerment, interrelations of fear and desire, trauma and trust. 

But even more than that you will reclaim your life, your decisions, your freedom, your abundance and your power!


23 Days

Twice you will enter a period of 23 days in which you live with mevanya and some of the team. You will have two single sessions per week that can be used as trauma integration sessions, conscious business, holistic healing or other sessions. Those sessions will happen in person and will be defined by your energy and your life.

Between those sessions you can attend more classes when offered, take long walks in nature, help on the land, cook delicious meals in community or alone or do other things like writing, arts and conscious business, that help you integrate. Mevanya will guide your process and give you insights about what would serve your path of integration best. 

After 23 days you would leave grounds and enter a guided and true path of integrating what you’ve been initiating the three weeks before.

Real world questions like finances, household, family and relationships, jobs and other things that threaten us in our freedom will be addressed and healthily transformed into something that you hold and that doesn’t hold you.  – Entering a path of truth –


In 15 dedicated calls and meetings you will work with professionals from the field as well as with mevanya on conscious ways of money flow vs work life balance, expression of truth vs performance and truth vs force. Transform your way of moving through life into an effortless bliss state, in wich life carries you instead of you carrying the burden of being.  – Healing from within –


A weeklong intensive chosen accordingly to your needs will guide you deeper into your own truth, unravel truths and open the gates to a different, self empowered future in love, bliss and ease.  –  Connecting the dots, that have never been apart –


Join mevanya for a truly unique experience in some of the most breathtaking, vivid and spacial places around the world.

Each journey looks like a holiday, yet it combines conscious work in real life, balanced out and integrated in a real life journey on one of our continents. Outside of the box of a training, not in a center and closed room but very much in your real life, this journey brings you closer to the still not fully integrated truths of your inner journey. In a light and unbound container, where you’d decide what you wanna do today, mevanyas work but very much your inner guides themselves is the guiding force through and above the obstacles of your life. 

Journeys differ in time and place and are offered in truth. Check in if you have a desire to journey to a particular country with this program


Last but not least

4 Integration calls 

Will guide you through upcoming phases of doubt and suffering, questions and requests. Whether sex life, relationship, pregnancy, health or business related, use those calls to not lose sight, when things get blurry. – Like the sunrise in the morning, light belongs to the dark –


The energy exchange for the Voyage program is  22680 €. Payment plan on request. 

Earn it right back and work with mevanya: Send your application and  get info about open posts via

An equivalent service as a from of payment may be agreed upon through an individual agreement.

Included in the Voyage:

  • 2x 23 days living in program in the Sound Healing House, on me&more, Italy or on an island in Madagascar                                                                                                                                                                          Live and work directly with mevanya. Accommodation, meals and two private sessions per week in the Sound Healing House or on me&more (upon availability) 
  • air fare to Antanarivo, Madagascar for 23 days program
  • Truthfinder: guided conscious business pathways, supervision and support in 15 dedicated calls or meetings
  • A weeklong to ten days Intensive of your choice including accommodation, meals and workshops accordingly to the program
  • Journey with mevanya in a mini group
  • air fare from and to advertised airports for your chosen Journey
  • 4 integration calls after the retreats, seminars and monthlong intensives
  • supervision and guidance where needed including business solutions and setup, as well as conscious entrepreneurship

Not included:

  • additional travel and air fare 
  • additional meals as well as drinks
  • excursions 


By application only.

Questions and applications can be sent to

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